We started this company as a way to uplift people, to empower them to take control of their own finances and their livelihood. We want to reward those that work hard and help combat the increasing tuition rates throughout the country. We see this as an opportunity that can yield bold results, that's why we've formed a team to help us operate efficiently. We are hungry young people with a vision, and our attitudes support our mission. We hope you'll support us too as we keep moving forward.

Greg: Coffee 4 College

Greg August - Chief Executive Officer

Greg didn’t have the best ACT scores or a stellar GPA, but he had work ethic and drive. He wanted to get to college, he just didn’t know how. One day, while talking to his Grandfather about his desire to continue his education and his concerns over college costs, his grandfather mentioned selling coffee for tuition money. He had no idea the seed he had planted in Greg that day, the day Coffee4College was born. But Greg left that conversation with a dream to make college expenses more achievable for students everywhere.

Malik: Coffee4College

Derrion Malik Hall - Chief Operations Officer

Malik always dreamed he would do great things with his life, he just didn’t know exactly what those great things would be. When Malik attended La Vergne High School, he met a young man with a bold alternative vision to help students pay for their college tuition. Malik believed in that vision. He never could have dreamed that they would put their heads together and start a business that would change how students continue their education. That’s exactly what Malik helped Greg August to do. 


Dynecia Clark - Executive Director of Operations

Jarred Lockridge- Head of Sales